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domestic violence

Happening In San Antonio?

About Domestic Violence

It is considered domestic violence when a person willfully and knowingly assaults their intimate partner either physically or sexually, and intimidates or verbally abuses him/her on a regular basis. While the acts of severity and frequency of the abuse can vary, one partner’s efforts to assert control and power over the other remain consistent.

Domestic violence doesn’t always end when the victim escapes or seeks help to terminate the relationship. The horrific consequences of psychological, emotional, and physical abuse can last an entire lifetime and even cross generations, especially if the abuser continues to threaten, stalk, or harass the victim after they are legally separated or divorced.

What You Should Know

Escalation Of Violence

Violence and control by abusers in domestic violence situations always escalate over time, and ending the cycle may seem impossible for the victim, particularly if threats of death are involved. When the abuse continues for a long time, the victim may become desensitized to the escalation.

Psychological Abuse

It is important to understand that domestic violence is not always manifested in a physical way. Psychological and emotional abuse is just as devastating as physical violence. In this case, the victim still feels trapped by the abuser, and the emotional abuser is just as dangerous as a physical one.

Help Is Available

A San Antonio domestic violence lawyer can help victims of abuse safely escape their abuser. They can also protect the victim by using law enforcement and the court system to file restraining orders and make an arrest, when necessary, to hold the abuser accountable for the abuse they inflicted.