Moving to


The Sunshine State

About Florida

The dream of moving to Florida is something that’s been part of American culture for decades. Many people living in snowy, winter climates fantasize about relocating to this beautiful part of the country at some point. The reality is that moving to Florida can add some great advantages to your lifestyle, but there are also potential drawbacks. Here is what you should know.

Florida weather is the main thing attracting people from all over the world to relocate here. Most days are beautiful and warm, even during the height of the winter season. However, the weather can also turn on you so it’s important to be aware. Florida has seen its share of nasty weather events, such as hurricanes and devastating tornadoes. The high heat and humidity can also be uncomfortable at times.

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The Attractions of Florida

The Opportunities

Florida is also a great place to look for job and business opportunities, according to a CPA in Sarasota. With a large number of tourists in many parts of the state, potential entrepreneurs have lots of money-making opportunities available. If you’ve always wanted to work at a beach or theme park, this is the place. In some parts of the state, however, the tourist season slows considerably at some point.

The Attractions

Florida residents are also drawn to the number of great attractions in their state, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Busch Gardens in Tampa, The Kennedy Space Center near Cocoa Beach, and Everglades National Park where you’ll find alligators and crocodiles along with panthers, deer, turtles, manatees, and more. The list of attractions is almost endless.

The Lifestyle

The last great reason why you may want to move to Florida is for a high-quality way of life. Here, you can embark on outdoor exercise and recreational activities most days of the year. You can also enjoy some of the most plentiful variety of produce that is local to the region, promoting good health. That’s why so many seniors have made Florida their home. Moving to Florida may just be right for you.